“The aspect that I love most about my teammates is our camaraderie! No matter what is going on, how serious, unfamiliar, or stressful the situation is, we always have each other’s backs and always help each other out when we can.”


Focused on you

We are proud of so many things. But perhaps most of all is the way we care for our team. We have worked diligently to build a special kind of environment. Where you feel truly supported, appreciated, and empowered. Where your development and needs come first. Where you can truly thrive.


Health Insurance


Paid Time off

Uniform Allowance

Competitive Pay

Pet Care Discounts

Continued Education

Open Positions


Full-Time/Part Time

Veterinary Technician/Assistant


“My favorite part about working here is being able to be a part of the big picture, whether it be a pets first well visit or a sick pet that we can make better. The clients are all friendly and personable. I get along great with my coworkers and boss, and we do fun things like team building events outside the workplace.”