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6 Tips for a Successful Pet Boarding Experience

Leaving your pet behind when you’re away can be tough. However, if you find a trustworthy boarding facility and prepare your pet for their stay, you can help reduce your pet’s—and your own—stress, ensuring you both enjoy the experience. The Gentle Vet team shares tips to prepare your pet for a successful boarding experience. #1: [...]

Get it Off! What to Do If You Find a Tick on Your Pet

You’re leisurely petting your dog or cat when you find a small seed-sized lump. You automatically tense—your mind racing. Is this a tumor? Is this a tick? You part your pet’s hair and find an unsightly eight-legged arachnid with its pinschers embedded in your pet’s precious skin. What now? The Gentle Vet team recommends resisting [...]

Tick Talk: Protecting Your Dog From Lyme Disease

The Garden State is known for its beaches, boardwalks, and Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. New Jersey is a known hot-spot for this debilitating tick-borne illness, which can infect human and canine populations. Fortunately, prevention is possible with awareness and appropriate veterinary care. Before you venture out to enjoy the warm spring [...]

A Cat’s Gotta Scratch: Why Scratching Is Important to Your Cat

Scratching is an essential behavior for your feline friend, who should not be punished if they claw your curtains, rugs, or furniture. Refrain from yelling, swatting, or spraying them with a water bottle and instead avoid damaging your relationship by learning why your cat needs to scratch, and how you can encourage them to scratch [...]

Keeping Pets Healthy: Dental Care and Disease Prevention

Nobody wants to walk around with a toothache—in fact, you’d probably be quick to visit your dentist if you were suffering from oral pain. Pets can suffer from the same oral health issues, but they often hide their pain and make dental disease difficult for pet owners to recognize. Good dental health is key to [...]

Expert Advice to Keep Your Indoor Cat Fulfilled

Ensuring your indoor cat’s enrichment needs are fulfilled helps prevent behavioral problems and potential health complications such as feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC). To learn how to keep indoor cats happy and healthy, The Gentle Vet team discussed kitty contentedness with our feline friends who are experts in the field.  Candace, a 2-year-old calico, comments, “Ensure [...]

Winter Blues? Warm Up With 4 Pet Safety Tips

Winter weather can play havoc with daily routines and turn simple tasks into dangerous physical challenges. And while our pets may not be responsible for buying groceries, getting to work, or clearing the sidewalk, they’re equally vulnerable to winter’s wrath. Use the following cold safety tips from The Gentle Vet to keep your four-legged friend [...]

Hidden Holiday Pet Hazards in Your Kitchen

Holiday surprises are great—whether it’s a family member unexpectedly returning home to celebrate, a child waking up to a shiny new bicycle under the tree, or, if you’re in a car commercial, walking outside to find a luxury SUV in your driveway. However, some surprises, such as a pet who eats something toxic and requires [...]

Thanksgiving Safety and Stress-Reduction for Dogs and Cats

Thanksgiving can be a challenging holiday for pets. Although your pet likely drools over the heavenly aromas wafting from the kitchen, many dogs and cats struggle to cope with Thanksgiving visitors, events, and travel. Excitement and fear can cause your pet to behave abnormally, which can potentially lead to a dangerous—and heartbreaking—situation. To ensure you [...]

Pets on Parade—Halloween Safety for Dogs and Cats

Knock-knock! Trick-or-treat from your friends at The Gentle Vet! Welcome to the spookiest, scariest, and silliest night of the year. This All Hallows’ Eve, you should take a few extra precautions to ensure your pet’s safety. Check out The Gentle Vet team’s top five spookiest Halloween hazards for pets, and learn how to protect your [...]

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